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Royal Academy of Engineering

An employer case study for early talent recruitment Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) were looking to fill their two graduate programmes with eager young talent. Candidate accessibility would be key to the campaign’s success, allowing a diverse range of candidates from varying backgrounds to engage.

The Royal Academy of Engineering initiated the Graduate Engineering Programme (GEEP) in 2015 to support students from underrepresented groups to transition into engineering careers. Our task was to recruit 250 engineering students from underrepresented backgrounds, notably women, individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds and those from low IMD areas.

This initiative aimed to address inequality in engineering and provide opportunities for these students to acquire valuable skills and build connections with the industry for successful careers in engineering.

To achieve this, we took a multifaceted approach to our strategy. We built a dedicated microsite to serve as the campaign’s central hub and utilised targeted emails, Google ads, Spotify advertising, and social media campaigns to enhance awareness and engagement among candidates.

Additionally, university outreach played a crucial role. We sent universities resources, including posters and digital content, actively engaged through various platforms and direct email correspondence. Collaborating with partners and specific engineering societies, we facilitated candidate engagement and broadened our reach. Additionally, we organised a series of insight events, both remote and in-person, to provide first-hand experiences and foster connections. Leveraging partnerships with media outlets extended our promotional efforts and impact.

This resulted in us exceeding expectations by providing an additional 100 candidates beyond the initial 250 target. 80% of applicants were from ethnic minority groups, 50% were IMD 1-4 and 38% of candidates were women or nonbinary.

(Stats graphical representation)

  • 350 Candidates. – 100 additional to the 250 target
  • 80% Of applicants were from ethnic minority groups.
  • 50% Were IMD 1-4.

We are pleased to be a part of increasing diversity and inclusion in engineering, providing equal opportunities for all aspiring engineers.

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