About Us

Our vision

Our Vision is to be the #1 Early Talent Organisation. Connecting every employer with the next generation of talent and create a journey for young people to the future that’s right for them.

The beginning

Almost 10 years ago, our founders created an organisation to solve one of the biggest challenges facing organisations and young people. In a world where the skills and knowledge required in the workplace are changing all the time…

‘How do we help young people explore the wide range of opportunities so they can make informed decisions, and help employers find and place the best fit candidates for their roles and culture?’

Out of this, GetMyFirstJob was formed, along with a selection of tools and services to help guide young talent to their best-fit career, and our clients to their best-fit candidate.

The team then grew, and so did our capabilities. We became TheTalentPeople and to this day we are still helping early talent navigate the path of their career choice path and connecting them with opportunities.

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The results

2.5 million applications later, and after more than 300,000 candidates placed, we are proud to say that we are leading the way with intelligent careers solutions and continuing to make a difference. We’re proud to be a social enterprise. Backed by organisations like Nesta Impact Investments and City and Guilds, we’ve helped to create a network of like-minded organisations to address the needs of specific regions, sectors and companies.


In 2020…..

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Every 22

seconds someone visited GetMyFirstJob

Every 37

seconds someone new visited the website

Every hour

we placed almost 5 (4.8) candidates in jobs

Every 2.5

minutes a candidate used GetMyFirstJob for help or advice

Every 3

minutes we received a job application


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Smarter candidate management and onboarding starts here.

Alongside our business and process consultants, our development team can build customised web sites, mobile and web applications as well as portals to help you get your message across to engage effectively with your talent messaging.

Tell us about your project.

Supporting our clients and supporting our candidates, in a journey to a future that’s right for them.

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