What do Gen Z think about the telecoms industry? We find out.


Gen-Z (those born after 1995) are the most hyper-connected generation ever[1]. In a recent study, the Institute of Business Management found that more than 66% of Gen Z use more than one internet-connected device at a time, with 75% most frequently using a smartphone over other devices[2]. In addition, they use their mobile devices for longer than millennials spending a daily average of 5.9 hours on their smartphone versus 5.2 hours for millennials[3].

Access to technology has skyrocketed over the past decade and is ingrained in our everyday lives. Many young people will not have experienced a world without the internet or smartphones, and they clearly understand how important connectivity is. But how much do they know about the industry that powers their favourite things?

In our recent candidate survey, over 50% of respondents had an awareness of the telecoms industry. A third could identify the purpose of the industry, and 27% expressed a desire to work in telecoms. This is positive news. However, there is a gap between this desire and young people picturing themselves working in this industry.

When asked to name careers associated with telecoms, just 22% were able to, with the majority (32%) naming Engineering/Technician roles. But, when presented with a list of possible telecoms careers to choose from, 70% of respondents selected Customer Service and IT roles, followed by Marketing and PR (57%) and Data Analytics (54%). Unless prompted, young people are not connecting some of the biggest brands and their potential career paths.

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