The IT-female industry relationship

The relationship between female candidates & their chosen pathways.

Insight like you’ve never seen before.

The UK is recognised as a “global technology leader,” as it is home to the third largest digital technology sector in the world.

UK technology businesses are the core of the UK economy as they underpin many industries, including the digital, healthcare, transport, creative, and financial sector. However, growth in the number of females in the Information and Technology (IT) industry has been stagnant, as the industry struggles to attract fair and equal numbers of all genders.

In this era of globalisation, diversity is more important than ever. The World Economic Forum has stated that a diverse workplace promotes a resilient and collaborative working environment, that has the capability to outperform organisations that do not invest in diversity.

It is believed that the national skills gap and the diversity and inclusion crisis could be resolved by tapping into the apprenticeship pool. Although, female apprentices accounted for just 12% of IT apprenticeship starts, in 2017/18, in our candidate database, we have seen a sustained increased in the number of females interested in pursuing a career in IT over the past four years…

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