Neurodiversity Workshop April 2021
In this workshop, TheTalentPeople / GetMyFirstJob, along with speakers from the National Autistic Society and the Government Security Profession, explore the process of attracting and engaging neurodiverse candidates. From recommended best practice to shared experiences, this session is a great starting point for any organisation looking for more neurodiverse hiring.

About the speakers:

Catherine Leggett
National Autistic Society

Catherine is the Employer Engagement Manager for the National Autistic Society where she works with employers and employees nationwide as a specialist in optimising autistic people’s strengths at work. Catherine also speaks at conferences and various events around the UK to promote the recruitment, retention, progression, and advantages of autistic talent in the workforce.
Amy Davies
The TalentPeople/GetMyFirstJob

Amy is a Business Psychologist with over 8 years’ experience in designing and implementing early careers recruitment solutions. She is an expert in strengths-based assessment and has a specific passion for removing barriers presenting adverse impact to minority diversities. Amy embarked on a journey 4 years ago with the National Autistic Society and The Government Security Profession to create a recruitment process that removed barriers and allows neuro-diverse talent to showcase their potential.
Jenny Bicknell
The TalentPeople/ GetMyFirstJob

Jenny has a wealth of experience in the apprenticeship space through her 10 years at GetMyFirstJob working with educators and employers. Her main passion is ensuring candidates find the right opportunities for them, which means she works closely with hundreds of recruiters to ensure the Talentportal is being used effectively.

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