Employer Roundtable September 2021
Summary of discussion
Creating high impact recruitment campaigns

No 17
Wednesday 15th September 2021
10 – 11:30am
Record levels of vacancies and low number of applicants across the economy and in the emerging talent sector has created a wide range of challenges for hiring organisations. This ranges from applicant numbers through to higher turnover, renege rates and ultimately salaries, and undoubtedly puts candidates in the driving seat.

Despite the continued easing of restrictions, government uncertainty is affecting organisational planning around the working environment, which in turn is forcing the hand of short-term hiring.

A year and a half of varying lockdown measures has altered hiring timelines drastically. Now, questions are being asked by employers of what an effective campaign timeline looks like, and how engagement with schools, careers fairs, and other information, advice & guidance (IAG) events will play out.

Key points

  1. All employers are struggling with varying challenges in the current emerging talent market. More questions exist than answers about when to start recruiting and what hiring processes might look like.
  2. Employers are finding it difficult to be clear about hiring timeframes and working locations with candidates due to continued uncertainty around restrictions. This is having knock-on effects to hiring.
  3. The hybrid working debate is a divided one, with candidate, apprentice/employee, management and organisational preferences differing. The biggest question to come out of this is how support can be offered to prospective and current apprentices, as well as management throughout, to maintain effecting learning and working environments.

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