Employer Roundtable October 2021

Summary of discussion
Engaging with educators on campus and in schools

No 18
Wednesday 13th October 2021
10 – 11:30am

The same trends in talent continue, and the effects of covid are still felt. School events, despite their rapid and recent growth, fail to go ahead due to the risk to public safety and many universities have paused in-person engagement altogether.

Relationships with educational institutions, however, hold the key for many organisations in their pursuit for future talent pipeline generation. So, what does engagement look like in schools, colleges and universities, and how can employers successfully captivate the minds of an emerging talent audience through them?

The roundtable community gathered to discuss.

Some of the key points included…

  1. Issues with covid cases and the threat of future restrictions continue to play havoc with student engagement. Both educational institutions and organisations are experiencing challenges with carrying out planned attraction and engagement events and booking them in for the future.

  2. Despite the challenges, 63% of the roundtable’s attendees are making efforts to engage with schools this year and 68% with universities. Organisations are spread evenly across virtual, face to face or both, for school engagement whilst the majority are engaging universities virtually only, with a fair amount also choosing a hybrid approach.

  3. Uncertainty around future restrictions is preventing confident decisions being made around planning for educational engagement, despite appetite being there from students – particularly in a face-to-face capacity.

  4. And more…

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