Employer Roundtable August 2021

Summary of discussion
Making offers, reneges and dropouts

No 16
Wednesday 18th August 2021
10 – 11:30am

During the pandemic, youth unemployment hit 14.8%. With countless government incentives to help youngsters find work, it was widely believed there would be a wealth of early careers candidates clamouring for roles. However, since restrictions have lifted, the tables have turned. Low candidate availability and the highest vacancy growth since 1998 has put early careers candidates firmly in the driving seat.

This has impacted employers in numerous ways, including drastically elevated rates of reneges and dropouts in their recruitment process.

In this Roundtable, our attendees discussed their experiences with reneges and dropouts from making offers to their first day, and how they are mitigating risk.

Key points

  1. While many expected an abundance of early careers candidates in 2021, the exact opposite has occurred. Demand for staff has grown month on month, but the supply of workers has dropped.
  2. This has meant that most employers in attendance see more significant issues with reneges and dropouts in 2021, with many reporting rates of up to 50% dropping out.
  3. Employers are questioning the impact virtual recruitment has had on increasing reneges. There is a belief that the lack of face-to-face contact has meant individuals are not developing strong connections to businesses…
The TalentPeople Roundtable report