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We understand the complexities of modern recruitment, the time and money cost involved and therefore the implications this has for your business.

That is why our talent specialists are trained and capable in delivering your talent pipeline end-to-end, from search and attraction, to engagement and application.

TheTalentPeople recruitment outsourcing is about providing you with the right candidate for the right role, at the right time. Every time.

Recruitment outsource

How recruitment outsource works

Recruitment outsource is about working with you to understand and achieve your recruitment needs, creating a bespoke strategy that will drive the candidate outcomes you desire.

Recruitment outsource is about making talent attraction and engagement simple and successful, giving your organisation the time to focus on what matters.

Despite the complexity of many talent requirements, the recruitment process can be simplified to the following three core steps.

How it works

Elements of success

In order to achieve successful results for your recruitment strategy, we employ a number of elements. Put simply, we combine the greatest talent specialists in the industry with our unique and powerful tools to create your most tailored and successful all-in-one recruitment solution.
Talent Portal Success

UK’s #1 engaged base of over 350,000 candidates


Industry defining talent search, communication and management tools

Talent Specialists

Knowledgeable and experienced recruiters, specialising in early talent

Expert recruitment starts with accessing an engaged candidate base, and we use our very own to reach the 350,000+ registered candidates looking for information and opportunities in early careers. uses a wide range of technologies to help candidates become better informed about the opportunities that are open to them so that when they start work, it is based on an informed decision having considered the options. As a result, we help to break down the barriers that exist; from challenging the gender stereotyping of industries to sharing the many new opportunities available through apprenticeships.

We do this, by sharing your story. By helping candidates understand who you are and what you are about, we can engage talent at all relevant levels, in all the right ways. From school and college leavers to graduates and first-time job seekers, offers the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of candidates.

Registered Candidates

Million lifetime candidates

Organisations supported


TalentPortal represents the forefront of candidate search, communication and management platform technology and plays a big part in us achieving your recruitment objectives.

TalentPortal is a product based on years of research and development in the area of ‘Early Talent’; that is the recruitment of young people at the beginning of their careers. For your recruitment we employ that same TalentPortal platform that we again offer our clients. Why? Because it works.

When TheTalentPeople first started out, our research highlighted that the recruitment process associated with experience hires is simply not effective for young people.

Rather than simply posting vacancies and then managing applications, great recruitment focuses on proactive management of candidates, building relationships and then actively facilitating the matching process between candidate and vacancy.

This approach also leads to a wide range of benefits:

  • Reduced Time to Fill vacancies
  • Increased fill rate
  • Greater Retention

We understand that the motivations behind hiring early talent are different to most. This is not the world of executive recruitment; we work extensively with those involved with the education of young people, or organisations that recognise the value of creating the next generation of talent for many different reasons.

Through the use of the TalentPortal, we help Training Providers, Colleges, Universities, Employers, Agencies; both large and small, to deliver a number of benefits; benefits that provide clear efficiencies and pass the savings on to you.


Reduction in administration Candidates


Reduction in candidate attraction spend


Reduction in overall recruitment costs


Increase in Year 1 retention

With TalentPortal we can…..


Proactive search

We don’t wait for candidates to come to us. Advanced candidate search capabilities mean we can find and engage with the best candidates when you need them. With detailed criteria on all registrants, we can be sure we are talking to the candidates you need.

Search the UK’s #1 Applicant Database

Why wait for candidates to come to you? Advanced candidate search capabilities mean you can find and engage with the best candidates when you need them.


Advanced Technology for Better Results

Our Tech enabled platforms use the latest in technology. AI solutions deliver more applicants as well as streamlined shortlisting for the most effective Emerging Talent solutions.

Did you know?

Our experts, pro-actively searching for candidates through TalentPortal and………



Filled 25% more vacancies within a 30-day period than without


Had a 50% higher fill rate over 12 months

Benefits of a managed service


Managed service

Rest easy knowing that your recruitment objectives are being achieved by the best in early talent recruitment.


Quality candidates and TalentPortal were built and our talent specialists hired to access and hire the best fit candidates for you.


Improved insight

Measure the success of the process at every stage, from attraction and engagement, to screening and interview.



Save resource by utilising TheTalentPeople’s tools and expertise.


Security of process

Allow us to operate with full piece of mind. Our process is 100% GDPR compliant and sensitive to your informational requirements.

"We were looking for a completely new way to attract apprentices and we found TheTalentPeople. They took the time to really understand our brand and the unique challenges that we face in order to attract apprentices in a very targeted manner via GetMyFirstJob. They've been very pro-active and we've been able to measure the performance of our campaign from start to finish, including proactively tracking diversity and BAME data in real time which we've never been able to do before.”


"Using a 12-month campaign with an always on approach, we have achieved 4 times more applications than the same programme two years ago in London – a previously very problematic area.”
Pete Fletcher

Hitachi Rail

Smarter candidate management and onboarding starts here.

Alongside our business and process consultants, our development team can build customised web sites, mobile and web applications as well as portals to help you get your message across to engage effectively with your talent messaging.

Tell us about your project.

Supporting our clients and supporting our candidates, in a journey to a future that’s right for them.

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