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In a world of noisy recruitment with thousands of jobs boards, vacancy adverts and opportunities, it can be hard to stand out.

Our approach sets out to solve one of the biggest challenges in modern recruitment. How do you hire the right candidate, for the right role, at the right time, every time.

The traditional methods of vacancy posting no longer work. Welcome to the new age of detailed candidate insights and smart communications.

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Creating a talent pipeline that delivers

Successful recruitment relies on hiring the right candidate for the right role, at the right time. Every time. The level at which this can be achieved, however, relies on having a full talent pipeline to choose from.

Many traditional methods of recruitment rely on posting a job vacancy and waiting for applications to come in. This approach is broken. Too much is left to chance and the process takes too long, often requiring more investment. Imagine receiving volumes of applications from candidates that aren’t a fit for your vacancy too.

At TheTalentPeople we do things a little differently. From Talent Analytics and insight to bespoke candidate journeys and communications; We have a range of digital and physical solutions that deliver the engaged talent you need, when you need it.

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A model for success

With 10 years of candidate matching under our belts, we’ve created a process that works. That process is what we call the MAJIC model of recruitment (Measure, ‘Always on’, Journey, Inform and Communicate) a set of guidelines built to achieve your talent objectives. The model has been perfected to ensure success in helping you find the best-fitting candidates for your organisation.


What does good look like in your recruitment campaign; how do you measure it, and how do you pro-actively pivot to progress towards your objectives?

If you can see the gaps, you can make the change. Measurement is about making sure your campaign and efforts are on track to achieving your desired early talent outcome. It’s not about application volumes, it’s about telling your story, building relationships with candidates and engaging with the candidates who are the right fit for your organisation.



A continuous and evolving campaign over a longer period of time is going to drive far better results for a recruitment campaign than a shorter-term equivalent.

Having your brand and story accessible, even when your vacancies are not, will ensure the necessary candidate relationships are built and your brand is front of mind when opportunities are made available to them.



How do you make your candidate journey as simple and enjoyable as possible, whilst also making it informative enough?

Candidates often have to repeat website registration and application processes, many of which aren’t user friendly. Making sure that your candidate journey is simple and enjoyable will not only drastically improve conversions, but make sure individuals still have what they need to make informed decisions.



Include as much relevant information on your vacancies as you can, so that candidates can make more informed decisions.

Informing the candidate is a delicate balance of giving away enough information whilst not creating unnecessary effort for them. Entice the candidate, but don’t short-change them. We are educating a generation, not selling to them.



There is no need to wait for applications to come in when you can pro-actively search and communicate with the candidates of best fit and generate them.

Recruitment shouldn’t have to be a waiting game either. Time and money can be freed up for other projects when relationships with candidates are pro-actively created and managed.

Every step we take to achieving your talent objectives follows this model. Why? Because when you have a recipe for success, there’s no need to try anything else.

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"We were looking for a completely new way to attract apprentices and we found TheTalentPeople. They took the time to really understand our brand and the unique challenges that we face in order to attract apprentices in a very targeted manner via GetMyFirstJob. They've been very pro-active and we've been able to measure the performance of our campaign from start to finish, including proactively tracking diversity and BAME data in real time which we've never been able to do before.”


"Using a 12-month campaign with an always on approach, we have achieved 4 times more applications than the same programme two years ago in London – a previously very problematic area.”
Pete Fletcher

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Smarter candidate management and onboarding starts here.

Alongside our business and process consultants, our development team can build customised web sites, mobile and web applications as well as portals to help you get your message across to engage effectively with your talent messaging.

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Supporting our clients and supporting our candidates, in a journey to a future that’s right for them.

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