A model for modern recruitment

As seen at ISE Developing Apprenticeships Conference!

Ten years of our early talent research and experience has found that modern recruitment challenges can often be solved through a systematic approach.

The foundation for that approach is the MAJIC Model for Recruitment.

This year we’ve helped employers, training providers, colleges, media group and more, achieve their objectives through MAJIC. Now you can do the same.



An introduction

This document will tell you everything you need to know about what MAJIC stands for and how it approaches early talent engagement and hiring.
MAJIC Scorecard

MAJIC Scorecard

For optimisation

Through our scorecard, we’ve been able to make MAJIC accessible to all. By lining up your current strategy alongside MAJIC’s approach, you can see where you candidate attraction and engagement is working and where it can be optimised. Try it here today!

Here at TheTalentPeople, we work with MAJIC for every talent attraction objective.

If you’re looking to answer the question ‘how can we hire the right candidate, for the right role, at the right time, every time?’ then MAJIC is for you.
Tell us about your project.

Supporting our clients and supporting our candidates, in a journey to a future that’s right for them.

Case Study Vodafone

Pro-activity | Talent Pipeline

Case Study McDonalds

Data | Smart Insights

Case Study UBS

Precision | Attraction

Case Study Hart

ATS | End-to-end Recruiting

Case Study Freemantle 1

Job Ad | Speed Performance

Case Study Truro and Penwith College

Partnership | Provision Growth

Case Study Capgemini

Marketing | Digital Presence

Case Study Central Government Agency

Messaging | Diversity

Case Study BPP

ATS | Volume Recruitment