Driving employability through virtual workshops and mentoring

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The Problem

UBS approached us, here at the talent people, to help create and facilitate an employability programme that would provide work-related learning to young people, improving their skills and building their confidence.

Engagement: The campaign would be multi-faceted, attracting and engaging with suitable young people at every stage, and for the duration of the programme.

Targeting: Detailed targeting procedures would be required in order to drive interactions with diverse individuals.

Personal communication: a combination of communication channels would need to be utilised to harbour personalised interactions, both from a young person’s perspective and also from the professional’s.

Participant confidence: One of the core issues that the programme was looking to solve would also be the biggest barrier to participation.

The Solution

A selection of employability workshops held virtually were used to engage and upskill candidates. Over a six-week period topics of finding jobs & making applications, personal brands, interviews and joining the world of work were all explored with participating young people.

A combination of a bespoke made online platform and zoom was used to support the required conversations.

The GetMyFirstJob database would provide the in-depth criteria required to approach those individuals most relevant to the programme and an omni-channel communications approach, mixing written word as well as verbal interaction, would drive engagement.

Progress would be measured at every stage of the Employathon programme, paying attention to attendance numbers and conversations taking place to measure engagement. Where personal contact was a core focus of the campaign, individual feedback would be extracted as well as session scoring to add context to the level of success.

The Result

conversations held between participants and mentors


of attendees were female
When asked whether young people would recommend the Employathon to others, we scored 8/10 on average
‘Your personal brand’ and ‘Into the world of work’ were the most successful workshops with young people reporting 9/10 for the question ‘would you recommend to others?’

Attendee feedback included…

‘I was worried it would be intimidating but that wasn’t the case which I think made the experience as a whole better.’

‘The workers are amazing and I managed to improve my CV and cover letter.’

‘The classes were really helpful I learnt a lot from them. If there is any more courses like this in the future I would love to attend them’.

‘Being part of the six week Employathon with Getmyfirstjob has allowed me to feel confident in an extremely difficult time. Graduating during a pandemic has impacted many students differently. For myself, it made me feel hopeless as I received many rejections. As a result, I decided to sign up for Employathon. Being able to speak with different employees at UBS and the team at Getmyfirstjob allowed me to gain advice on how to flourish in interviews and ace psychometric tests. Even during times where I receive constant rejections, being able to be part of the programme has allowed my confidence to be restored. I now feel confident when applying for graduate roles.’