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Growing an apprenticeship provision with a focus for ‘partnership working’.

Case Study Truro and Penwith College

About Truro and Penwith College

Truro and Penwith College is a large tertiary college with campuses across Cornwall. With a strong reputation for quality – Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ in November 2006 and again in February 2016 – employers and learners benefit from a wide range of programmes from Post-16 through to Higher Education.

The Problem

Following the merger between Penwith and Truro colleges, the college was determined to grow its apprenticeship provision. With a focus on ‘partnership working’, it identified the first touch point with employers – the candidate attraction and selection process – as being vital to setting the tone. Get it right, and an efficient process would deliver the right candidates quickly to employers at the time they wanted them, reduce drop out and increase value add to their local employers. By doing it efficiently, high levels of IAG could be delivered using a system that ensured that no candidate or employer were missed as the college grew its apprenticeship provision. In recent years, high profile opportunities, have meant that this system had to support and effectively manage over one thousand enquiries for the Firefighting Apprenticeship in just two weeks.

The Solution

The College adopted the TalentPortal platform well from the outset, with a full adoption across the team. This meant that all applications were re-directed and managed in one place. The vacancy feed to NAS provided significant time savings, and the vacancy feed on the college’s website was also automated to deliver a candidate friendly experience. The college also used the platform to drive their social media presence, as well as posters and jobs cards. When combined, this delivered seamless and cost effective candidate sourcing and management. The college is a constant source of innovation and has been involved in creating the product roadmap including events modules as well as a new approach to the management of T-level candidates.

The Result

Not only have timescales of recruitment been reduced, using the TalentPortal also allows the college to manage the recruitment process delivering well prepared candidates to employers, often gaining additional placements as a result.

This was echoed by Ofsted in February 2016 – The College team “match young peoples’ aspirations to employers’ needs well, which increases apprentices’ motivation….and the great majority will complete within their agreed timescale”.

“Since implementing the TalentPortal we have reaped significant results. We have embraced GetMyFirstJob as a brand across the whole college. All of our key clients have been inducted into the benefits it brings them as organisations as the TalentPortal gives us access to an easily managed pool of candidates looking to join their industry.”

Tom Moran
Customer Development Manager