Engaging Emerging Talent for McDonald’s roles

Case Study McDonalds

About McDonalds

With a continued focus in ‘immersive learning’ McDonald’s continued their relationship with Manchester Metropolitan University to begin providing the next generation of their impressive talent programmes. Offering Management Degree Apprenticeships would provide a steady stream of capable and ready talent to their middle tier positions, continuing the incredible success of their franchised restaurants and supporting education. Since its inception in 2017, the programme has been a great success.

The Problem

The McDonald’s brand is one of the largest in the world, but the availability of the Management Degree Apprenticeship Programme required a little more promotion. In order to access the most eligible capable talent up and down the country and feed McDonald’s pipeline, targeted marketing was required. Identifying the location, education and previous experience of the candidate was essential to candidate placement success and efficiency.

In addition to placements to the programme, McDonald’s were keen to hear from candidates regarding their thoughts on the application process. Having used the system for a number of intakes, McDonald’s understood that changes might be necessary to continue the programme’s effectiveness in future years. This was evidence of their continued service to providing excellent candidate care.

The Solution

A combination of Marketing and Recruitment services were employed in order to best reach, attract and engage Emerging Talent for the McDonald’s roles. Additionally, access to GetMyFirstJob’s 614,000+ engaged young candidates provided the foundation for a target pool of Emerging Talent.

The vacancies listed on GetMyFirstJob and a bespoke McDonalds landing page allowed access to the high volumes of organic candidate traffic available on the website. Email communication allowed direct access to our candidate database, guided by relevant and agreed criteria. Bespoke targeted emails were employed to promote the available roles directly and national newsletter-style emails were used to generate the required buzz around the available opportunities.

For a personal, focussed approach, we utilised a Managed Recruitment Service. With the ability for experienced recruitment professionals to speak to candidates directly, feedback on the roles and procedure from the participating individuals could be accessed. In addition, specific advice and recommendations could be provided by TheTalentPeople to prompt application in the opportunities.

The Result

The campaign resulted in complete success and an achievement of 58 dedicated applications to the McDonald’s Management Degree Programme. Hires were made from these applicants and McDonald’s objective to access the perfect candidate fit has been successful as a result.

We were able to identify the variations in candidate engagement triggers for direct marketing approaches. These were found to differ between locations, age-groups and interests, and based on these learnings, subsequent communication could be adapted to appeal most to recipients and drive better results.

The feedback obtained through the personal candidate interaction has helped shape the application procedure for the year 2020 and onwards, and solidified TheTalentPeople and GetMyFirstJob as a core aspect of the future of any McDonald’s campaign.