Improving social mobility through personal candidate support and engagement.

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About DLG

Direct Line Insurance Group plc is a British insurance company based in the United Kingdom, formed in 2012 by the divestment of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group’s (RBS) insurance division, through an initial public offering. The company owns a number of insurance subsidiaries, providing various insurance products, including Direct Line and Churchill, Darwin as well as the roadside assistance and vehicle recovery provider Green Flag.

The Problem

For this campaign, DLG were looking to achieve a number of objectives:

1/ Take advantage of the new virtual world and home working environment to recruit a minimum cohort of 12 apprentices across the UK.

2/ The objective set to connect with candidates considered less socially mobile.

3/ Provide a personal point of contact for each candidate, supporting them from point of attraction to on-boarding.

4/ Support candidates of low social mobility through the assessment and selection process, paying special attention to the video interview process and the coaching they require.

A campaign such as this one poses a number of interesting challenges as well as some incredible opportunities. To start with, targeting for deprived areas would require the careful consideration of social datasets. Additionally, our insight and experience has found that selection and interview stage of any recruitment campaign as a particular stumbling block for deprived candidates. One on one support and relationship building would be an imperative to a successful hiring campaign.

The Solution

The campaign could be split into three main focus areas: data and targeting, attraction and outreach, and support and interview.

Data & Targeting
Indices of Mass Depravation (IMD) data was used and was mapped against candidate behaviour, allowing us to identify those from the most deprived backgrounds. The GetMyFirstJob (GMFJ) engaged candidate database was then needed for correlation with the IMD data in order to confirm great fitting candidates to reach out to.

Attraction & Outreach
Ensuring maximum candidate engagement started with a review of the candidate journey, from initial contact through to application, interview and assessment. Communicating this journey clearly with each individual would help maintain that engagement too.

Support & Interview
Though the GMFJ website and database, email, texting and personalised recruiter interactions would form the core of candidate communication. It was also the one-on-one recruiter interaction that would enable the required support for each candidate as they progressed through the stages of application and interview. This was a key step in creating a level playing field and catering for those candidates considered more deprived, building their understanding and confidence to a point where they could effectively take part in interview and assessment.

The Result

The campaign approach saw many successes.


Of candidate hires came directly from the GetMyFirstJob candidate data pool


Of the most deprived social mobility group made it to interview


Female candidate hires
Diverse hires were made across the board
“I had all the information about the job role and the recruitment process since the very beginning.”