Challenging perceptions and expanding reach for diverse candidate attraction and inclusion.

Case Study DHL

About DHL

DHL Supply Chain is an essential part of everyday life ensuring that their customers get the right goods at the right time. Whether they are transporting products to businesses, working with their customers to find solutions to their warehousing challenges, or sharing ideas on how they create robots to support the operation, the work that they do ensures that everyone’s day-to-day lives run smoothly from morning to night.

The Problem

DHL Supply Chain were looking to hire 29 apprentices for their recent campaign, taking advantage of modern tools and approaches to match the right talent to the right roles.

This was also an opportunity for DHL to build their brand among candidates, increase their reach to diverse audiences for better inclusion, and to focus on candidate skills for succession planning.

The challenge

Branding – DHL wanted to improve their brand awareness and understanding, after logistics as a sector was revealed as unpopular with this audience.

Candidate experience & diversity – DHL wanted to engage with and receive applications from a more diverse audience, particularly females and BAME.

The economic forecast and succession planning – externally, youth unemployment in the UK was predicted to have a huge knock-on effect in a few years’ time on critical skills gaps which already exist in the UK, and the talent pool available to courier companies like DHL.

The Solution

The MAJIC model for apprenticeship recruitment formed the basis for the DHL campaign in overcoming the challenges presented and hiring the right candidates for the right roles at the right times. Using the model, the following strategy was agreed:


    1. An always-on presence to drive candidate interactions, build brand relationships and loyalty, and ensure no need for top-up spend by DHL.

2. Inform their candidate target audience through a bespoke Virtual World, leveraging information on DHL, their available programmes, the culture and inclusion at DHL and their candidate journeys, to educate and engage.

3. Communicate with the right candidates through targeted attraction activities, including hosting the DHL candidate insight event to drive engagement and increase representation of female & BAME candidates.

4. Utilise the GetMyFirstJob website and candidate database to provide maximum exposure to the target audience, and the ability to measure campaign progress at every stage of the candidate’s journey.

Here’s how we put that into practice:

DHL Virtual World

By directing all communications and candidate outreach towards the DHL Virtual World on the GetMyFirstJob site, we created a seamless candidate journey and provided readers with insight into DHL, as well as all their apprenticeship opportunities in one place.

DHL Case study

DHL Candidate Insight Event

Further DHL insights was provided for candidates in the form of a virtual event held over Zoom. This offered attending candidates a more in-depth experience what careers with DHL include, what it’s like to work at the organisation, and an opportunity to hear from apprentice role models about their experiences.
DHL timeline

The Result

vacancies uploaded to the Virtual World



BAME applicants


non-male applicants
All vacancies filled

When asked what the candidates enjoyed most about the event:

“I realise how diverse DHL is as a company”

“The knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm of the employees that hosted the event”

“Being able to chat with the current apprentices”

“Captured an insight into the company and expectations for the programme”

“ Made me even more excited to join this apprenticeship”