Maintaining a strong digital presence for a greater candidate outcome

Case Study Capgemini

About Capgemini

Capgemini are a global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation. From within the computing, digital and platform space, Capgemini offer a full suite of solutions to their clients; from consultation globally in digital innovation, strategy and design expertise to custom solution creation at a local level.

The Problem

Capgemini were looking to hire for IT related roles on a national basis but struggled to reach candidates in some areas. 8 locations in particular were selected to begin the campaign due to their increasing need for higher candidate attraction volumes.

Capgemini were also looking for a particular candidate calibre, including individuals who had studied the topic of coding in their spare time as a hobby. Finding candidates so passionate about a subject would give this individual the skills required to flourish in the vacancy’s technical landscape.

To a young Early Talent audience, Capgemini seemed to be a lesser known brand, despite their reputation within their own market. With a timeframe of roughly 3 months to undertake the project, consideration to educating the audience was imperative. A consistent digital presence was key.

The Solution

The GetMyFirstJob candidate database held a lot of the answer to the questions posed by the client. But this campaign represented a rallying call to the candidates far and wide who could take this coding-based creative role to the next level.

Whilst an introduction to the Capgemini brand was conducted using email and website content to the known data; Facebook and Instagram were used to reach the desired candidates externally. All candidate journeys relayed the individual to the vacancy on the GetMyFirstJob website where the roles were posted and sponsored for increased visibility.

Using our proven candidate targeting techniques, individuals were fed introductory information around Capgemini as a business, the industry in which it operates in and the role’s requirements itself. As the locations completed their intake, campaign funding was used more and more efficiently in those left over, to guarantee spend on only the right candidates. The results spoke for themselves.

The Result

6/8 hiring locations filled their intake ahead of campaign completion


Candidate hire completion
Total cost per click spend was less than half of the industry average